The Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association (ASWA) is one of the oldest wine organizations located on the East Coast. Established in 1973 as the Vinifera Wine Growers Association (VWGA), it was an early supporter of planting world-class Vinifera wine grapes, the production of quality commercial wines, and the building of a wine industry along the Eastern seaboard.
We are an organization dedicated to the promotion of East Coast wines, wineries and winemakers.

13th Annual Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association (ASWA) Wine Competition for 2017

  • Location: The Regency at Dominion Valley Country Club, Haymarket, VA
  • Date: 18-20, August 2017
  • 2017 Best of Show: 2013 Cabernet Franc Reserve from Narmada Winery in Amissville, VA
  • 2017 List of All Winners
  • ASWA Phone: 703-323-6873
  • ASWA Email: Info@ASWAWines.org

The Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association was established in 1973 as the Vinifera Wine Growers Association.

In Memoriam

Founding Member Juanita Swedenburg

Founding Member Juanita Swedenburg

Contributions in memoriam accepted:

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Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association

Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association

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Phone: 703-323-6873
Email: info@aswawines.org


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