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Virginia Wines Featured at the U.S. Foreign Affairs Day

May 3, 2013

For the eighth straight year, the Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association provided selected Virginia wines as an accompaniment to the annual U.S. Foreign Affairs Day luncheon held in the historic and elegant Benjamin Franklin Diplomatic Reception Room atop the Department of State in Washington, D.C.

Of the 500 plus retired and active duty Foreign Service Officers and other USG and Administration employees involved in foreign affairs from the Civil Service, White House, NSC, CIA, AID, Defense Department, etc., who attended the Foreign Affairs Day’s morning program, only 250 pre-registered individuals were, on a first come basis, able to attend the afternoon annual luncheon.

The morning sessions which included numerous geographic and functional briefings, were highlighted by a current overview of worldwide foreign affairs issues and challenges presented by the Secretary of State, John F. Kerry.

The opening remarks at the 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. luncheon were given by the Director-General of the Foreign Service, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, and included appreciative identification of the two wines provided by the ASWA to accompany the luncheon: Barboursville’s 2011 Vintage Rosé and Horton’s 2011 Chardonnay.

Wines Provided by the Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association:
2011 Vintage Rosé from Barboursville Vineyards, VA, a tastful Italian-style, dry rosé crafted from 48% Nebbiolo, 27% Cabernet Franc and 25% Sangiovese grapes.
2011 Chardonnay, 100%, from Horton Vineyards, VA, provides creamy mouthfeel with balanced oak spice, vanilla, and a finish of ripe juicy flavors.

Featured on each of the 25 tables, each with seating for ten, were two tent cards which further identified and described the wines. Accolades offered by the attendees regarding the wines were numerous.


Director-General Linda Thomas-Greenfield discusses the day’s luncheon and accompanying wines with ASWA President and President Emeritus, Carl Brandhorst and Gordon Murchie, respectively. A quote from the DG’s remarks is as follows: “I am reminded today that wine has always been a tool of American foreign affairs and diplomacy, as exampled by the toasting of our Declaration of Independence with ample drafts of wine led by two of our nation’s most notable political leaders and wine enthusiasts, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. Thus, following a diplomatic tradition, today’s Foreign Affairs Day luncheon is being accompanied by two award-winning Virginia wines.”


ASWA President and President Emeritus, Carl Brandhorst (L) and Gordon Murchie (R) are asked to join the Director-General and all attendees in “toasting all members of the U.S. Foreign Affairs community present and past for continued success in defending and communicating America’s principles of Democracy internationally – cheers!”

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Founding Member Juanita Swedenburg

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